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The quick skinny: May 15-21

quick skinny - playwisegaming.comPlayWISE doesn’t always have time to report on every piece of game news throughout the week. Unfortunately, there are some weeks we may not have time to post at all. Fear not faithful readers; this week we’re introducing a digest of all the week’s gaming news we deem fit for consumption but were unable to cover throughout the week. Read onward to the first installment of our “Quick Skinny.”

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Sony offers free services but announces yet another hack attack [Update]

Kaz Hack - playwisegaming.comSony will be reinstating a limited number of PlayStation Network services within the next week and offering free PlayStation Plus subscriptions to users affected by their recent hacker-induced loss of service, Sony announced in a press release.

However, earlier this morning, Sony announced that the Sony Online Entertainment branch of their Internet services was also hacked, causing the release of 24.6 million additional users’ information and more than 12,700 credit cards. “EverQuest,” “Free Realms,” “DC Universe Online,” several Facebook games and other online titles are all currently unplayable due to this attack.

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Free Portal 2 DLC coming soon

Portal 2 DLC - playwisegaming.comThe first downloadable content, creatively labeled “DLC #1,” for first-person puzzler “Portal 2” will be free and is arriving this summer, developer Valve announced via press release yesterday.

The free pack will include the expected additional test chambers along with leaderboards, a challenge mode for both single and multiplayer and more. What the “more” portion of “DLC #1” actually is remains a mystery.


Hidden Gems — Fotonica

Fotonica” at first glance looks like an early wire-frame version of “Mirror’s Edge” and, like that particular parkour-infused title, seeks to capture and transform that thrill of rushing through the land and sky at a breakneck pace.

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Indie game Fatale available for free for limited time

Fatale free - playwisegaming.comIndie developer, Tale of Tales, is giving “Fatale” away for free for the next 12 hours. The development team is headed by married couple, Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey, who are giving the game away for free in celebration of their eight-year wedding anniversary.

The game is based on Oscar Wilde’s play “Salome” and is described on their site as an “interactive vignette.” While not your typical gaming fare, it’s an interesting piece of interactive art that’s certainly worth checking out. Download it for free on either Mac or PC.


Super Meat Boy meets World

Super Meat BoyA new chapter entitled “Super Meat World” is just the tip of the iceberg of new and improved features coming to the PC version of the extremely popular indie game “Super Meat Boy” in its mid-January update.

IGN has the full list of improvements, which also include a fully supported level editor.  After the update, players will be able to create their own levels with almost anything already existing in the game and upload them to a newly created level portal.

Continue reading for the full list of updates.

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Hidden Gems — Flight

Mid-flight in FlightThe simple joy of folding a piece of paper and creating your own personalized flying craft is embodied perfectly within “Flight” — and injected with a heavy dose of steroids.

The premise of this free, browser-based game is simple: click on a paper airplane and toss it by sliding your mouse swiftly and then unclicking. But, Krin, the game’s creator wasn’t content to just leave it at that.

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Hidden Gems — Cat Astro Phi

Cat Astro Phi
Cat Astro Phi” is a free, top-down, one-hour, sci-fi, browser-based videogame. This Photon Storm title is a great throwback to the games of an almost-forgotten era. Fitted with a Game Boy border and a 160×144 resolution, this game will make you forget it’s nearly 2011.

In the game, you play as an intergalactic, kitten-saving spaceman, traveling from planet to planet to retrieve Jonesy, a cat that continuously gets ejected from your rocket after impossible to beat asteroid shooting segments.

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